RJC code of practice


The management of CADCHOD Srl., as a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, is committed to complying with the Code of Practices of RJC.

Responsible Jewellery Council is an international nonprofit organization, established in 2005 by a group of 14 organizations representing the jewelry and diamond sector. Its mission is to promote responsible, ethical, social and environmental practices compliant with human rights along the whole diamond, jewelry and platinum supply chain, from mining to retail sales.

Given the choice we made, our company promotes, within its structure and its external stakeholders, a number of social and environmental principles underpinning our strategic, commercial and operational activities, such as:

  • being compliant to current laws and publicly declaring our commitment to respect laws and regulations; operate with total respect for ethical norms, granting integrity, transparency and current law compliance;
  • offer quality services to our customers in order to strengthen relationships;
  • comply with the principles of confidentiality and sensitive data protection;
  • evaluate corporate risks connected to operations, improving ethical norms and procedures while stewarding human rights, social principles, health and safety of employees and the environment;
  • select, evaluate and monitor products and services suppliers that are crucial for the quality and for the compliance with RJC ethical, social and environmental norms;
  • create a cooperative corporate climate through the engagement of all the personnel.

Moreover, in accordance with National laws, International recommendations and RJC Principles, CadChod:

  • doesn’t practice nor tolerates child labor;
  • doesn’t practice forced labor of any kind and does not limit employees freedom of movement;
  • respects the worker rights concerning working hours, retributions, freedom of association, safety and non discrimination;
  • doesn’t practice nor tolerates corruption of any kind;
  • doesn’t tolerate money laundering and/or financing of terroristic activities;
  • doesn’t source raw materials from countries in “conflict zones”;
  • applies all the security measures necessary to protect products from theft, damage or substitution, within its facilities and during consignment procedures;
  • operates responsibly from an environmental point of view and in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.


Ron Yekutiel
(Amministratore Unico)

Annual report and policy