The name of the company has its origins in the legendary Cadchod diamond adorning the Temple built by King Solomon.

Cadchod diamantaires performs its activity in the diamonds field and it is run by a leading family in the international trade. The company is listed in the most important diamond stock exchanges in the world.

The company‘s major strength is its expertise in the rough and cut diamond.

The rough diamond market is regulated in two different and distinct ways:

1- four companies  own the worldwide diamantiferous deposits, deliver monthly the  “sight”  to their clients (sight-holder) with non-negotiable price.

2- there is a free channel market regulated by companies that own diamantiferous deposits either private or stately-owned.

Cadchod is in the privileged position to know in real-time the flow of the market despite the continuous  fluctuation of prices, thanks to agreements and favorable planning consolidated over the years.